Professional Organizers - I would like to offer you the opportunity to earn affiliate income by
   promoting our public organizing
   In addition to selling products to professional organizers, I also sell e-Booklets on five different
   organizing topics to the public.  My affiliate program pays 10% of each $19 product ($1.90 per
   product).  When you join our affiliate program, I send you the text and HTML codes to display on
   your website.  The HTML code includes tracking that allows me to know when to credit you with a
   new sale.
   Upon receipt of each sale that came as a result of your website, I pay you a 10% commission fee
   by  way of your PayPal account.  There is no monetary benchmark that you need to achieve in order
   to get paid, and you receive an affiliate payment directly after each sale, rather than wait to be paid
   on a quarterly or monthly basis.  All you need to participate in the program is an active website and
   a PayPal account.
   I hope you will consider participating in this affiliate opportunity and look forward to hearing from
   you soon!  My e-mail address is

Affiliate Program for Professional Organizers