Through speeches and workshops around the greater St. Louis area, Jodi's humor, enthusiasm, and
  common-sense approach have motivated audiences to put her tips and tricks to work, in order to
  get organized and stay organized!

   If you want a fun, energetic, motivational speaker that your group will be buzzing about
  for days afterward, fill out the contact form below.

   Looking to improve workplace productivity and boost employee morale? 
   We have the ideal package for you:

      Begin the week with an organizing presentation, tailor-made for the needs of your company.
     After the presentation, employees have the option to sign up for a 1:1 mini-session with Jodi.
     Later that week, Jodi returns to your office for 3-4 hours, meeting with individual employees to
       discuss specific challenges and brainstorm solutions.
   Give us a call at (314) 504-8857 or send an e-mail to and let's talk!

  "In preparation for an office renovation and expansion, I hired Jodi for a series of presentations and organizing sessions with
   various departments in our company.  Jodi and I discussed the challenges my employees were having in terms of space
   planning, paper management and time management.  On three separate occasions, I brought Jodi in to speak to a specific
   department, with a presentation that addressed their unique issues.  A few days after each presentation, Jodi came in for 3
   hours to meet with individuals or teams to answer organizing questions and offer suggestions on improving efficiency and     
   productivity.  We found that employees learned how to be more efficient at home and at the office."

                                                     Lauren Weissman Kerner, Owner - Weissman Dance Solutions

Employers: Bring Organizing Magic to Your Company!