What types of organizing do you do?

   We prefer to work in the living spaces of a home - the places that have the most daily activity.

   The Top 5 organizing projects most requested by our clients are:

     Paperwork (bills, random piles stashed in bags and boxes, scheduling, creating filing systems)
     Kitchens (cabinets, drawers, pantries, command centers)
     Closets (master, linen, bathroom, child's, entryway, storage)
     Toys (board and video games, dolls, stuffed animals, art supplies, cars, trains, Legos, trophies)
     Home Offices (creating and/or maintaining separate work spaces in the home)

   Click here to see more examples of what we do.

  What is your service area?

   Organizing Magic, LLC® primarily sees clients in the Mid County and West County areas of St. Louis, Missouri,
   as well as portions of St. Charles County, Missouri:
   Afton, Ballwin, Brentwood, Bridgeton, Chesterfield, Clayton, Crestwood, Creve Coeur, Des Peres, Earth City, Ellisville,
   Fenton, Florissant, Frontenac, Kirkwood, Ladue, Maplewood, Maryland Heights, O'Fallon, Olivette, Overland, Richmond
   Heights, Rock Hill, St. Ann, St. Charles,
 St. Louis City, St. Peters, Shrewsbury, Sunset Hills, Town and Country,
   University City, Warson Woods, Webster Groves, Weldon Springs, and Wildwood
   If you live outside our service area, we offer virtual organizing services. 

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    What's it like to work with you?

   One way to explain it is by sharing the top 5 things clients say to me while we organize:

   5) "What the heck is this?" - I hear this all the time.  When digging into those paper piles, or reaching far back in
 closets and drawers, we find all kinds of forgotten items.  This  often leads to...

   4) "That's where this is!" - I love it when a client rediscovers a buried treasure, like a special photo, book, or note. 
         But more
 often, I hear...

   3) "Why did I ever keep this?" - Sometimes, we need to hold onto items for a while before we are willing to part
         with them. 
 Working with a professional organizer provides a sounding board to think a bit more deeply about
         what items are meaningful and should be kept, and
 what can go without guilt.

   2) "Holy cow - MONEY!" - Sometimes it's loose change, sometimes a bill or two tucked into a pocket.  Often it's a
 gift card.  Every once in a while, it's a large uncashed check.  Almost every client I have worked with
         finds money at some point in our time together.  That's always fun!

   1) "I wish I hadn't waited so long!" - Getting organized is very rewarding (not just because of the found money). 
         It brings
 clarity, a sense of calm, and decreases stress levels.  Not to mention a more efficient and inviting space
         that is so much nicer to come home to!

   How much do I need to clean up before you come to my house?

   Actually, we prefer that you leave things exactly as they are right now.  In order to get a true sense of how your
   spaces are functioning each day, we need to see your house the way you see it and live in it on a daily basis.

   Are you going to make me throw everything out?

   Of course not!  We organize your area together, and although we provide feedback and suggestions, decisions on what
   to keep, what to donate, and what to discard are entirely up to you.  Remember - YOU are the one who lives in your
   space - so the space needs to work for YOU!

   How do we get started?

   Visit our Contact Us page.

   Fill out the form and we respond within 1 business day.
   Be sure to include a phone number and the best time to reach you for a FREE phone consultation.
   During the call, we talk about your situation and see if our working together would be a good fit.
   If we are a good match, we set up our first appointment.  If not, we are happy to refer you to another local organizer
    who may
 be a better match.

   What makes a good match?

   Lots of things - including:

     Where you live
     What areas in the home you need help organizing
     Days and times you are available to work with a professional organizer

  How long will it take for me to get organized?

   Every person and situation is unique.  It depends on a lot of factors, including:

     How quickly you are able to make decisions
     How much work you get done between sessions
     How large the area to be organized is, and
     How much clutter is currently in the space.

   Having a professional to work with you side-by-side takes less time than trying to go it alone!
Frequently Asked Questions

    What if I can't afford an organizing session with you?

   The Magic Shop
   Visit this page of our website to see budget-friendly products we have created to help with DIY
   organizing projects.

   Make a Plan for the Future
   Ask your family and friends to chip in and pay for a session as a birthday, Mother's Day, or holiday

    How can I help others get organized?

   Referral program*

   When you refer a new client to us, that client receives $50 off of the initial appointment.
   You also receive $50 off of your next scheduled appointment, as our thanks.
   *Note: This referral program is for in-person appointments only.  It is not valid for virtual sessions.

   This is the one form of magic that shouldn't be kept secret:

   Tell your friends and family members about the benefits you received from Organizing Magic, LLC®!

hat are the benefits of working with Organizing Magic, LLC®?

   Here are the top 5 benefits clients have offered up during our time together:
   5) "I thought about having a friend/family member help me, but this is way better because you don't have any
          connection to my stuff."
         One of the benefits of working with us is that we don't have any pre-existing bias towards belongings.  There are no attachments
or memories, so we can look at each item objectively and provide a neutral sounding board for you to process whether it stays
         or goes.
   4) "You are so non-judgemental, which makes it easy to work with you."
          The areas in your home or office that we work on is up to you.  What you choose to keep and what you choose to let go of is up
         to you.  How we organize, arrange, and display your items is up to you.  The most important rule of getting organized is that it
         needs to make sense to YOU, and work for YOU.
   3) "I'm sure glad you came today.  I feel so relieved whenever you come over because I know I've gotten a lot done."
          When you make the commitment for us to work together, we accomplish a great deal  in a short amount of time.  Getting
         organized may not be your favorite activity at first, but we love doing it and will help you see how much fun and freeing it can be!
   2) "I could have done all the things we did today on my own, but it would have taken me six months, not three hours!"
          This comes up with many of our clients, especially those who have ADD/ADHD.  Hiring a professional organizer allows you to work
         within a dedicated block of time, with gentle guidance to remain focused and stay on task.
   1) "You taught me so well, I don't need your help anymore!  I just ask myself what you would say or do, and then I do it
         The #1 goal of our work together is to transfer skills and knowledge so you get and stay organized anytime, anywhere, by
         yourself!  Rest assured, we are happy to work with you for as long as you want, either continuously or on an as-needed basis.
          The majority of our clients only work with us a few times, and then work independently armed with the tips and tricks they
learned during our time together.

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   (organizing materials written by Professional Organizer, Jodi Granok)

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