Do the holidays fill your heart with joy and cheer, or weigh you down
   with stress and anxiety?
   Do you suffer from holiday overwhelm?

Snowman Card from Organized Greetings

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   Learn to organize for the holidays:

      Plan and prepare the holiday meal

     Get your home ready for overnight guests

     Store and organize seasonal decorations
     Send out holiday greetings
     Budget-friendly shopping and gift-giving tricks
     How to help those in need
     Tips on taking care of yourself during the holidays

    Less Holiday Stress, More Holiday Joy! (e-Booklet)

   Note: Because this 25-page e-Booklet is an instant download, the purchase price is non-refundable.

   Only the purchaser should use this product.  Do not forward to others, as this violates copyright law.

Price: $19

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Less Holiday Stress, More Holiday Joy!