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  Created by Leslie Josel, owner of Order Out of Chaos -
This planner gives      students a natural way to visualize time in order to master it!

It’s Easy.  Assignments, due dates and after-school activities are seen at a glance.    
  It’s Functional.  Homework and studying are easily scheduled during “available”      times.

  It Puts the Student in Control.  Students can plan time for schoolwork                  around  after-school activities OR without leaving things until the last minute.

Order Out of Chaos offers many products to set up students for success:
   Academic Planners (left)                             Organizing and Study Guides  
   Time Management Tools                              Parent Education Resources

    To learn more about the student planner, you can watch this video.      

  The Time Timer is an excellent way to help people "visualize time". 

  It is also a very effective tool for people with ADD/ADHD.

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Swoop Bags

  Swoop bags are ideal for containing all of your child's Lego bricks.

  It provides a defined play area, and then cinches up
to be put away
  quickly and easily.

  Make this your year to get organized - change your life in a budget-friendly way!
  Tired of making the same resolution to get organized year after year, with no success?
  Visit "The Magic Shop" to get organizing ideas from expert Professional Organizer, Jodi Granok.

 AirPack Backpacks are ergonomic backpacks that   redistribute the weight from your shoulders to your   hips.  They lighten the effective weight of the   backpack by 50%, and reduce back stress by 80%.
 This product is recommended by the Congress of   Chiropractic State Associations, and was featured on the   Rachael Ray talk show.   (This is an affiliate link.)

 Using a piling product is one way to   get paper clutter off of tabletops and
 counters and organized in a way
 that is mostly out of sight, but
 never out of mind.

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  Using a tickler file product is another way to get your paper clutter off of tabletops and counters and
  organized in a way that is  mostly out of sight, but never out of mind.  (This is an affiliate link.)

 "I've started using the tickler file that you suggested in your e-Booklet, 'From Overwhelmed to Organized'. 
felt SO good to pull it out yesterday, pay bills (ON TIME!), and put things in next month's file - giving my
  brain permission to not think about those things.  I am making progress on my backlogged paperwork each
  day, carving it away little by little.  Thanks!"                       
                                                                           Danielle - Charleston, South Carolina

   Rubbermaid Premier containers (in BPA-free plastic and glass varieties) are     stain-free  and safe in the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer.   
   Despite being different depths, all of the containers "nest" inside each other,
   and lock onto the lids.
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   Storing food stuffs like pasta 
   and cereal in clear containers     saves space and gives a 
   visual way of knowing at a
   glance when supplies are
   running low.

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  Using riser shelves for canned goods    makes it easier to see all of your   
  pantry items.

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   Store muffin trays,
   baking sheets, and
   casserole dishes
   vertically to save
   cabinet space!

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  Lazy Susans are great for
  storing spices and small kitchen    ingredients in cabinets.

  The spinning action keeps
  everything reachable.

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