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Open Locker Daydream
                   Questions for Students

   Are you frustrated because you spend hours on homework,
  but your grades are still slipping?
  Do you feel lost trying to juggle school, family, friends,
  and activities?

  Are your text books crammed with loose papers, so that
  you constantly lose your assignments?
  Do you feel embarrassed by the condition of your
  locker, backpack, or bedroom?

Organized Locker
How would you like to:

   Find your homework in 10 seconds or less!
   Carry less in your backpack and still have what you need!
   Have more time to spend with your friends!

   Increase the peace at home!

Notebooks and Folders

Sounds great!

Tell me more!

Teenage Bedroom - Before
Teenage Bedroom - After

   "Jodi, helping my daughter with her room - and
    teaching her strategies she can use for anything - is
    such a blessing.  She'd built a sort of nest to run to
    when things got hard, but the clutter became very   
    stressful for her.  Yay for organization!  Yay for 

    "I woke up and I was really happy!  I was like, oh
     yeah!!!  My room's not a mess anymore!!"

    Laura (and her teenage daughter) - University City

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  "Thanks for everything this year!  I have lost
    many fewer papers, and my grades have
    improved overall."

  "Thank you so much for sending these   
    wonderful e-mails with tips on how to get
    organized! :) "

  "Thank you for your help - you have really
   helped me get organized and keep my grades   
   high.  I dearly appreciate it.  Thank You!!!"

  (Comments from students who subscribe to our        monthly e-newsletter)

   "My son started Middle School and was having such a hard time organizing his binder and locker.  Jodi helped him organize his
    school supplies.  She created specific labeled folders for the homework and handouts for each of his subjects.  She also worked
    with him on what to keep in his binder and what to leave in his locker."

                                                                                 Libby - Creve Coeur

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Ergonomic Backpack
Student Client Information

  "Jodi did such an amazing job helping my teenage daughter organize her room, closet, and bathroom.  I would absolutely use
   her again and I highly recommend her.  She taught my daughter organizing techniques and helped her get excited about
   having a clean room.  Thanks Jodi!!!"
                                                                                        Sharon - Chesterfield