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    Quick Tricks - PDF Downloads, $6 each

   Looking for a fast, inexpensive fix to get organized?  These guides are short and sweet!

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    "Jodi's Quick Tricks guide to organizing life's time, space, and materials is a gift to anyone who wants to get out from under the
     chaos of clutter.  If you want to be more organized, but have a fear of changing your life, and don't we all, here is a simple guide
     of first steps anyone can take, steps that will build confidence and nuture clarity of mind and purpose."
                                                                                  Gail - Santa Fe, New Mexico

     Deep Dives - PDF Downloads, $19 each

   These guide booklets go in-depth on a specific organizing topic.

    Note: Because these are instant downloads, the purchase price is non-refundable.
     Only the purchaser should use these products. Do not forward to others, as this violates copyright law.

     Learn how to:

    Start and finish organizing projects
    Time management tips
    Maintain newly organized spaces
   "For all you procrastinators out there, this Quick Tricks guide can serve as your primer.  It will help you stop
    putting things off and start getting organized."
                                                                                   Alan - Atlanta, Georgia
     Learn how to:

    Avoid over-commitment
    Prevent procrastination
  "You have summarized a number of personality traits that are at the core of many of us.  Many of them are 'baked-in' to who we are. 
   Your acknowledging them and not judging 
them allows for managing and realizing their positivity.  Organization isn't about changing
   personalities, rather using existing traits for better workflow and optimizing
potential.  Well done!"                             
                                                                                          Seth - St. Louis, Missouri

     Learn how to:

    Reduce mail clutter
    Prevent inbox overwhelm
    File paperwork like a professional
  "Before I read this, I had a lot of trouble filing paperwork.  My filing cabinet was overflowing, so I didn't want to use it.  I had to cram
   the new bills into the old folders.  
Now that I have new tricks, I was able to purge a lot of unnecessary documents.  Each year, I weed
   out another year's worth of unnecessary papers from the file cabinet.  I
always have room to file, and now I keep up with my filing
                                                                      Howard - St. Louis, Missouri 
    Learn about:

    How to organize any room at home  

   How to 
create an efficient filing system for mail and paperwork        

   How to get more done in less time with time management skills

    "I've started using my tickler file that you suggested in the recording.  It felt SO good to pull it out yesterday, pay bills (ON TIME!),
    and put things in
 next month's file - giving my brain permission to not think about those things.  I am making progress on my
    backlogged paperwork each day,
 carving  it away little by little.  Thanks!"
                                                                                               Danielle - Charleston, South Carolina

  Learn how to solve these kitchen challenges:

   Cabinets - Drawers - Countertops - Vertical storage space - Pantry
  Refrigerator - Freezer - Recipes - Meal planning  The pantry

I want to thank you for the great tips you shared.  My favorite was about the fourth pile, 'belongs
    in another room'.  It prevents you from leaving your project and getting distracted somewhere
    else in the house.  That really made a lot of sense!"

                                                              Jack - Dallas, Texas

   Learn how to:

  Decide what to keep or purge

  Corral toys in an organized and efficient way

  Get new ideas for outgrown or outdated items

  Recapture the adult living spaces within your home

  "I think the advice Jodi gave about keeping things where you use them was really useful.  It sounds so simple,  but I never really
   thought of it before."
                                              Alex - Manchester, New Hampshire

   Get organized for school by learning:

  How to organize paperwork at school and home

Time management skills and using a planner

  How to keep lockers and backpacks organized

  Ways to create a super study zone at home

  How to carry less stuff, get more done, and have more time for fun!

   Learn holiday organizing tips:

   Plan and prepare the holiday meal
  Get your home ready for overnight guests
  Store and organize seasonal decorations
  Send out holiday greetings
  Budget-friendly shopping and gift-giving tricks
  How to help those in need
  Tips on self-care during the holidays

    "People who are disorganized buy a lot of books, but don't take action.  These tips in these guide booklets are easy to read so that
     you can take action on one item at a time."
                                                                               Kathy - Millersville, Pennsylvania