Are you fed up with these items occupying your home:

         Toy cars
         Art supplies
         Video games
         Stuffed animals
   Does your entire house seem like one big playroom for the kids? 
   It’s time to reclaim control and tackle that toy situation!

Toys - Before

   "I think the advice Jodi gave about keeping things where you use them was really useful.  It sounds so simple,
    but I never really thought of it before."
                                                                           Alex - Manchester, New Hampshire

Learn how to:

     Decide what to keep and what to get rid of

    Corral toys in an organized and efficient way
    Get new ideas for outgrown or outdated items
    Recapture the adult living spaces within your home

Toys - After

    Tackling the Toy Situation! (e-Booklet)

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Tackling the Toy Situation!  (e-Booklet)